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Pertaining to the inside structures of the tooth, including the dental pulp and tooth root, and the periapical tissue surrounding the root.
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pertaining to or emanating from the pulp cavity of the tooth.

endodontic file
an instrument used in the débridement of root canals.
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Cyclic fatigue tests are the most important method for analyzing resistance of endodontic files.
in April 1998 asserting that certain of Moyco's endodontic files violated DENTSPLY's patents on Nickel Titanium ("NiTi") endodontic instruments.
To avoid the apical zip, after the clip is made to gain an intermediate size, the nail file is dragged against the outer portion of the precurved endodontic file to remove the cutting flutes and thus produce a customized file - a file for that canal shape only.
Cleaning of endodontic files, part I: the effect of bioburden on the sterilization of endodontic files.
Rotary endodontic files are attached to an electric handpiece that allows precise control of speed and torque, which reduces the chances of complications during a root canal treatment," says Dr.
Part 1: respecting the root canal anatomy--a new concept of endodontic files and its implementation," Journal of Endodontics, vol.
Other topics include the dynamic theory of reconstructive martensitic transformations, precursor nanoscale textures in ferroelastics, a bending test of old and modern Japanese swords, the influence of sintering on dental zirconia ceramics, and endodontic files for root canals.
Nitinol endodontic files, for root canal procedures, offer superior flexibility, durability, and torqueability as compared to stainless steel files.
Kavo of Biberach, Germany, developed a sterilization box, for its endodontic files that lets a dentist change files on the fly as the drill spins.
Radiographs showed two endodontic files, one in mesial canal and the other in the distal canal.
Headquartered in Munich, Germany, VDW was a privately held dental products manufacturer focusing on the production of endodontic files and accessory products.
The complex miniature architecture of dental burs and endodontic files make pre-cleaning and sterilization difficult.