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Pertaining to the inside structures of the tooth, including the dental pulp and tooth root, and the periapical tissue surrounding the root.
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pertaining to or emanating from the pulp cavity of the tooth.

endodontic file
an instrument used in the débridement of root canals.
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A dental microscope can provide significant visualization benefits at all stages of endodontic treatment, from diagnosis and exposure of the access cavity to preparation, and from three-dimensional obturation to post endodontic management.
We are grateful to have the support of Henry Schein, which understands the impact that the Foundation for Endodontics can have on the oral health and overall health of people who lack access to quality endodontic care," said Dr.
In dilacerated teeth, the accepted basic endodontic techniques must be strictly followed, that is, good preoperative and working radiographs, unobstructed access to the root canal orifice, as direct access as possible to the apical-third of the canal, thorough irrigation and hermetic seal.
Periapical radiographs of completed root canal treatment performed by undergraduate fourth and fifth year dental students during the period from 2014-2015 of the patients attending endodontic department of the college of dentistry, Aljouf university were studied.
3 In the current case, endodontic treatment of tooth 22 had been initiated at a private clinic.
Although many microorganisms that cause persistent endodontic infections have been identified, most studies have focused on evaluating new antimicrobial irrigant effectiveness and different preparation techniques used to eliminate biofilm formed only by one microorganism, mainly Enterococcus faecais (EF).
Based on the dental literature and this series of clinical cases, it is evident that knowledge of the anatomic morphology of the maxillary molars is essential for the success of endodontic treatment.
A decision was made about the need for endodontic treatment, which would eliminate the infected tissues from the canal and provide stable and durable reconstruction of the tooth.
Keywords: Apical periodontitis, Endodontic treatment failure, Enterococcus faecalis.
With a huge number of dentists and very few specialists in endodontics, this research has been conducted so as to provide information about various anatomical variations that could be encountered during endodontic therapy.