endodermal cells

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en·do·der·mal cells

(en'dō-dĕr'măl selz)
Embryonic cells forming the umbilical vesicle (yolk sac) and giving rise to the epithelium of the alimentary and respiratory tracts and to the parenchyma of associated glands.
Synonym(s): entodermal cell.
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Fish that lacked the gene failed to produce the endodermal cells.
Newly mature endodermal cells always have a casparian strip (c.
in describing leaf anatomy of 11 species of conifers, but she said that endodermal cells in all of them had the entire radial and transverse walls impregnated by a lignocellulose core with suberin superimposed, whereas the tangential walls were variously structured (e.
Before the seedling contacts a host plant, its "endodermis" often appears densely stained, and in the lower (caudate) part of the seedling the endodermal cells develop intrusive wall folds that form "cristae" within the cell lumen.
Endodermal cells form the gut, while ectodermal cells, if left to their own devices, form skin.
Alternatively, PIF may act indirectly, triggering endodermal cells to secrete other essential chemical cues.
The lateral roots are initiated as single, enlarged endodermal cells opposite the protoxylem poles of the main root tip.