endodermal cell

en·do·der·mal cell

embryonic cells forming the yolk sac and giving rise to the epithelium of the alimentary and respiratory tracts and to the parenchyma of associated glands.
Synonym(s): entodermal cell
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The location of chlorococci in an endodermal cell also suggests the unstable symbiosis of vulgaris group hydras (e.g., J7, J10, 105G).
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The size of epidermis cells, size and shape of outer cortical region, presence of sclerification in outer cortex and endodermal cell area also showed the significant diversity.
It primarily accumulates in the lateral endodermal cell walls.
Once water reaches the endodermis layer, apoplastic water must pass through endodermal membranes because of a gasketlike band of suberin around each endodermal cell. Suberin is a waterproof waxy substance that seals off the route of water between cells.
The cells then were coaxed into forming either ectodermal, mesodermal, or endodermal cell types-the most basic cells of early development-or specialized brain cells.
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Moreover intensive sclerification was also recorded in the endodermal cell walls.
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