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(en'do-derm) [? + derma, skin]
The innermost of the three primary germ layers of a developing embryo. It gives rise to the epithelium of the digestive tract and its associated glands, the respiratory organs, bladder, vagina, and urethra.
Synonym: hypoblastendodermal (-derm'al), adjective
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At 8 weeks after the start of co-culturing, we treated the upper-half gastric columns of the non-symbiotic strain polyps with hydra maceration medium (glycerol: acetic acid:[H.sub.2]O, 1:1:13) and dissociated the tissue into single cells to confirm the transmission of chlorococci into the endodermal epithelial cells.
Importantly, it has been reported that GSO1/SGN3 is expressed in root endodermal cells and its loss-of-function mutations result in the formation of a repeatedly interrupted, discontinuous Casparian strip.
PGC specification in humans occurs at ~2 weeks after fertilization when BMP signals target to the mesendoderm of the preprimitive streak embryo, which leads to the induction of SOX17 which, with BLIMP1, suppresses endodermal differentiation and activates PGC differentiation [20].
Table 1: Morphological classification of ovarian neoplasms Sest Germ cell Sex cord stromal Metastatic Serous Teratoma: Granulosa cell Krukernberg/drop Mature/ immature Mucinous Dysgerminoma Fibrous tumor Loco-regional metastasis Endometrioid Endodermal sinus sclerosing stromal cell (yolk sac) cell Clear cell Choriocarcinoma sertoli-stromal cell (leydig) Brenner Embryonal cell Steroid cell Undifferentiated Struma ovarii
Endodermal sinus tumor: the Stanford experience and the first reported case arising in the vulva.
In this situation the notochord as well as the foregut has failed to separate causing primitive endodermal cells to be incorporated into the notochord.
Therefore, we propose cancers of ectodermal, mesodermal, and endodermal origins.
The thyroid gland develops from the endodermal thickening at the base of the tongue and descends via the thyroglossal tract into its final position in the anterior neck inferior to the thyroid cartilage [2, 5, 6].
Colloid cysts are benign tumors of brain that rise from endodermal embryologic remnants and are classically located on the roof of the third ventricle [1,2].
The Scorecard panel initially examines the gene expression of undifferentiated and EB differentiated iPSCs for certain pluripotent (CXCL5, Nanog, Pouf51, Sox2, etc.), ectodermal (DRD4, PAX3, Sox1, Wnt1, etc.), mesodermal (HAND1, ESM1, BMP2, ODAM, etc.), and endodermal (FoxA2, GATA4, HNF1B, Sox17, etc.) markers.
Uncommon malignant germ cell neoplasms include immature teratomas and endodermal sinus tumors.