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any disease due to disorder of the endocrine system. adj., adj endocrinopath´ic.


A disorder in the function of an endocrine gland and the consequences thereof.
[endocrine + G. pathos, disease]


Benign enlargement of ♂ breast that most commonly affects boys and adolescents, often regresses at puberty; it is usually due to a proliferation of glandular component; may occur in Klinefelter syndrome or after malnutrition Age-related peaks
1. Perinatal, in 60-90% of ♂ at birth, due to transplacental passage of estrogens.
2. Pubertal, up to 70%, depending on stringency of definition.
3. Involutional, age 50-80% Treatment Clomiphene, tamoxifen, testolactone, surgery. See Adolescent gynecomastia.
Gynecomastia Etiology
Endocrinopathy Orchitis, hypogonadism–androgen deficiency, androgen resistance, tumors/hyperplasia of adrenal gland, testes, eg Leydig cell tumor–↑ hCG, lung CA, Klinefelter syndrome–↑ risk of breast CA and thyroid hyperplasia
Drugs α-methyldopa, amphetamine, androgens, benzodiazepines, cimetidine, chemotherapeutics, digitalis, INH, marijuana, penicillamine, phenothiazine, reserpine, spironolactone, tricyclic antidepressants
Other conditions Starvation diet–mechanism: testicular, hepatic hypofunction or on resuming feeding, hemodialysis, liver disease–cirrhosis, hepatomas, hemochromatosis, due to ↓ hepatic metabolism of estrogens, mycosis fungoides, myotonic dystrophy with spastic paraplegia, leprosy


A disorder in the function of an endocrine gland and the consequences thereof.


Functional disorder of the endocrine gland.

Patient discussion about endocrinopathy

Q. Can women think strange when pregnant? Is it due to hormonal imbalance? Please help me; I’m 21 and this is my first pregnancy. I am in the first trimester. Yet I don’t feel morning sickness but feel tired throughout the day. Can women think strange when pregnant? Is it due to hormonal imbalance?

A. First, congratulations for your first pregnancy, Elizabeth..

You need not to worry about you're not being nausea during this first trimester. Although morning sickness is a common symptoms of first trimester pregnancy, it doesn't always happened to every pregnant moms. So all you need to do is stay healthy always, by consuming healthy foods, and if you're a working woman, you need to limit your daily works, because first trimester is quite crucial. First trimester is a phase when your fetus is developing its organ, and the attachment to its mother's uterus is becoming strong.

In second trimester, usually there will be less problems, the nausea feeling will often fade away by itself. One other important thing is to get yourself checked to your Ob-GYN doctor (antenatal care), to make sure your pregnancy is okay, and to monitor your baby's development.

In case you're thinking strange, I don't think it is a significant problem. Maybe it's just because this is your very first expe

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