endocrine hormones

en·do·crine hor·mones

hormones produced by the endocrine system. Compare: tissue hormones, endocrine (2).
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Contract notice: supply of reagents for the needs of the laboratory of chemistry laboratory of endocrine hormones.
These disorders indicate the abnormal level of endocrine hormones in the body thereby creating a need and demand for effective endocrine testing kits.
The FGF-19 family members are potent endocrine hormones in the regulation of a diverse physiological homeostasis.
Detrimental effects of 900 MHz EMF emitted by cell phone on some of endocrine hormones was reported in literatures and our previous studies [1,9].
These endocrine cells are capable of producing insulin in response to glucose as well as other pancreatic endocrine hormones in vivo.
Adaptogenic herbs uniquely "balance endocrine hormones and the immune system.
Although MCH's role in appetite control is well known, its effects on the secretion of endocrine hormones has not been fully understood.
Louis, which has exclusively licensed rights for the use of CTP with all therapeutic proteins to PROLOR, with the exception of four endocrine hormones licensed to Schering-Plough.
The newly allowed claims also cover methods for the production of endocrine hormones includinginsulin, glucagon, and somatostatin.
It has an exclusive license from Washington University to the CTP technology for use with all therapeutic proteins except for the four endocrine hormones licensed to Schering-Plough.
Schering-Plough licensed the CTP technology from Washington University for use only with four endocrine hormones.