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Within the bronchi or bronchial tubes.
Synonym(s): endobronchial
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Cardiovascular and arousal responses to singlelumen endotracheal and doublelumen endobronchial intubation in the normotensive and hypertensive elderly.
Available pulmonary isolation techniques include selective endobronchial intubation (SEI), placement of a bronchial blocker (BB) after endotracheal intubation, and intubation with a double-lumen endotracheal tube (DLT) (Figure 1).
The study showed that the risk of endobronchial intubation is increased in patients whose airway length is relatively short if we determine the depth of intubation using the conventional method.
Bilateral auscultation of the chest can be done to identify and prevent possible endobronchial intubation. Although auscultation of the lungs can be used to verify the position of the ETT, it may be deceptive in patients with decreased lung compliance or in patients who experience severe bronchospasm.
Placing the ETT tip distally may increase the risks of carinal injury and endobronchial intubation. Such risks should be minimal if both two- and one-lung ventilations are uncomplicated.
Therefore, the preformed tubes have a higher chance of endobronchial intubation and care should be taken to avoid this complication.
inadvertent endobronchial intubation with nasogastric tube.
The cardiovascular responses to double lumen endobronchial intubation and the effect of esmolol.
After endobronchial intubation, the EBUS-TBNA scope is positioned at the approximate location of the target lymph node or paratrachial tumor.