endaural incision

end·au·ral in·ci·sion

incision through the external auditory canal, avoiding cartilage, to permit mastoid surgery.
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Its advantages are that it can be harvested through same post aural or endaural incision of tympanoplasty, available in sufficient amount, its basal metabolic rate and thickness have great resemblance with TM.5 However the drawbacks of fascia graft are high failure rate in atelectatic drum, retraction pocket, subtotal or total perforation and malfunctioning eustachian tube.
All procedures were performed using an endaural incision for both temporalis fascia graft and tragal cartilage graft harvesting.
First, an endaural incision was made to facilitate temporalis fascia graft harvesting.
(13,15-17) In the present study, we used a single endaural incision for both temporalis fascia and tragal cartilage harvesting.
A novel single endaural incision approach was advantageous for both fascia and cartilage harvesting and also achieved aesthetic wound healing.
The search criteria excluded "tympanoplasties" and "myringoplasties." Whilst these can be performed through postaural incisions the authors favour an endaural incision for these procedures, and additionally the mastoid bone is usually preserved.
Most EAC nevi can be excised via a transcanal or transmeatal approach under microscopy, but larger lesions should be excised by endaural incision. (3) Surgical skin defects are mostly left to allowgranulating and spontaneous healing.
For the cartilage group, the cartilage was harvested from the conchal bowl in those who had a postaural incision and from the tragus in those who had an endaural incision. While harvesting tragal cartilage, a 5-mm strip on the dome of the tragus was left untouched for cosmetic reasons.
A transmeatal incision was made in all but two patients, whose narrow canal required an endaural incision. A guide opening was always made in the footplate prior to disarticulation of the incudostapedial joint.