end-product inhibition

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end-product inhibition

a type of FEEDBACK MECHANISM in which the movement of substances along a biosynthetic PATHWAY is prevented by the end product of the pathway, resulting in self-regulation.


arrest or restraint of a process.

competitive inhibition
inhibition of enzyme activity by an inhibitor (a substrate analog) that competes with the substrate for binding sites on the enzymes.
contact inhibition
inhibition of cell division and cell motility in normal animal cells when in close contact with each other.
end-product inhibition
see feedback inhibition (below).
feedback inhibition
a common way of regulating enzyme activity in which the reaction product (or in the case of a biosynthetic pathway, the product of the reaction sequence) inhibits the enzyme activity. Called also end-product inhibition.
neurological inhibition
the intermittency of transmission of nervous impulses depends on variations in the balance between excitation and inhibition, the latter being either pre- or postsynaptic.
noncompetitive inhibition
inhibition of enzyme activity by substances that combine with the enzyme at a site other than that utilized by the substrate.