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enclosed in a sac, bladder, or cyst.
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Encapsulated by a membranous bag.
[G. kystis, bladder]
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Encapsulated by a membranous bag.
[G. kystis, bladder]
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Enclosed in a cyst or capsule. Flukes spend part of their life cycle as encysted larvae.
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Q. what is hydrocele-encysted when refering to the scrotum uroligist checked off 603.0 hydrocele-encysted tring to find out meaning

A. Hydrocele is dilation and edema of the scrotum. It may result from obstruction of the lymph vessels, small ducts that drain the fluids from the body organs. Such obstruction may be due to infections and other causes.

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Until now it has not been possible to test for encysted small redworm, as faecal egg counts only detect the presence of egg-laying adult worms, meaning a routine winter treatment to target this life cycle phase has become standard practice.
Microscopic Examination of Emerging Cercariae and Observation of the Presence of Encysted Larvae.
The presence of encysted metacercariae in the connective tissue of the gonad, however, suggests that M.
In this case, stating that parasitemia occurred by toxoplasmosis reactivation due to either recrudescence of the encysted bradyzoites or the acute phase of an infection is uncertain.
In one snail, metacercariae of normal Tetracotyle form were observed encysted in their own sporocysts; cysts of 180-210 (195 [+ or -] 12) long and 135-165 (139 [+ or -] 10) wide, with thick double wall.
Many free tachyzoites and encysted forms were identified in the lamina propria as well as the cytoplasm of epithelial, endothelial, and smooth muscle cells (Figures 3, 4, and 5).
In typical tomography, encysted fluid reservoirs with gaseous bubbles are found in the soft tissue of the mouth floor and the neck, with oedema of the subdermal tissue of the neck and obturation of the airways [8].
Encapsulated papillary carcinoma was previously referred to as intracystic or encysted papillary carcinoma and was thought to be a variant of DCIS.
alata could explain the patterns we have observed, it seems more likely that genetic metapopulation cohesion is maintained via dispersal through the swimming medusa stage, and perhaps via dispersal of encysted planulae, which are described here for the first time in Alatina.
While the area of periodontal ligament reflects the combination between root and alveolar bone, the root volume reflects the portion of encysted and supported root by alveolar bone (Anderson et al., 1983; Dunlap & Gher, 1985; Gher & Dunlap, 1985; Klock et al., 1993; Pan et al., 2004).
These encysted Anisakis ignited the halakhic issue of the prohibition to eat worms regarding their occurrence in salmon, halibut, sea bass, scrud, and sardines.