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v. en·cysted, en·cysting, en·cysts
To enclose in or as if in a cyst.
To take the form of or become enclosed in a cyst.

en·cyst′ment, en′cys·ta′tion n.


to form a cyst or capsule. See also cyst. encysted, adj.

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Q. what is hydrocele-encysted when refering to the scrotum uroligist checked off 603.0 hydrocele-encysted tring to find out meaning

A. Hydrocele is dilation and edema of the scrotum. It may result from obstruction of the lymph vessels, small ducts that drain the fluids from the body organs. Such obstruction may be due to infections and other causes.

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pneumophila and eliminated them through the process of encystation (14).
The fractured structure of microcellular region is surrounded by this solid boundary layer, as exemplified in the boundary layer encystation in Fig.
A novel Myb-related protein involved in transcriptional activation of encystation genes in Giardia lamblia.
The larvae hatch in the small intestinal lumen and penetrate the wall to reach their site of encystations commonly subcutaneous tissue, skeletal muscle, brain and head and neck region.