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They have been found attached to the cephalon of Flexicalymene from the Late Ordovician of North America, whereas the trilobite may have been alive during the encrustation (Brandt 1996).
Based on the calculated area on CT, the encrustation was graded as light (less than 100 [mm.
The encrustation technology used positively affects the percentage of germination and seedling emergence and it does not interfer in total length, length of shoot and root of the seedlings in all the cultivars of Brachiaria sp.
Encrustation and bioerosion on Middle Miocene bivalve shells and echinoid skeletons: Paleoenvironmental implications.
We describe the management of severe forgotten encrusted ureteral stents in prone split-leg position, which allows us to effectively treat any site and degree of stent encrustation in a single-session approach with the patient in the same position during the whole procedure.
Memon NA et al12 and Arshad M et al17 observed DJ stent encrustation in 17.
Nawaz H et al2 reported stent encrustation and stent migration in 10.
Catheter Leakage Associated with Luminal Occlusion Authors Cause(s) for Catheter Interventions Suggested Leakage Getliffe, 2003 Encrustation of the Catheter change, catheter lumen or eyes.
In archaeological studies, microcrystalline encrustations of vivianite have been reported on buried animal remains.
NovaBay's pipeline of Aganocide compounds is being studied in numerous preclinical programs and is currently in four Phase 2 clinical trials, including for: impetigo, a highly contagious skin infection; urinary catheter bacterial biofilm blockage, encrustation and associated infection; conjunctivitis, or pink eye infection; and acne.
The boutique will offer signature Haviland porcelain collections including this season's art-deco inspired Cible, the Ritz Imperial dinnerware set and the newest encrustation and relief introductions in a new, sandy beige color.
Like Lucretius he had sought to undeceive his own thought to scrape through the encrustation of myth.