encounter form

en·coun·ter form

(en-kown'tĕr fōrm)
A service form also called a superbill that lists health care procedure codes completed during a patient's office visit.

en·coun·ter form

(en-kown'tĕr fōrm)
A service form also called a superbill that lists codes for health care procedures.

encounter form,

n a document or record used to collect data about given elements of a patient visit to a dental office or similar site that can become part of a patient record or be used for management purposes or for quality review activities.
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Data collected from 900 prescriptions during the study period was entered in detailed indicators encounter form which was transferred to a master chart later subjected to the analysis.
Doctors were of opinion that patient encounter form is having too much detail and it is laborious job to fill all the details and without its filling, it is not possible to move on to treatment portion.
This cloud-based online system included a comprehensive previsit questionnaire completed by patients, as well as an encounter form to be completed by the clinician with patient input during the visit.
The printed form with the CPT codes is often called an encounter form, and essentially describes, in billing terms, what happened during your child's office visit and what the office is going to bill the insurance company.
If you use the American Academy of Family Physicians' (AAFP) Medicare Initial Preventive Physical Examination Encounter Form, (17) consider replacing its entry for hearing loss with this simple question (See "Medicare preventive exam: Where the AAFP encounter form falls short" on page 476).
The 7 POS indicators were computed based on the services provided to patients as noted on the encounter form and are listed in Table 5.
The Daily Encounter Form measures health consultant new or continuing activities that are documented in CFOC standards (AAP, APHA, & the National Resource Center for Health and Safety in Child Care, 2002; APHA & AAP, 1992).
Although the study, "Documenting Patient encounters during a humanitarian assistance mission to Guatemala," showed that a revised, forced-choice patient encounter form alleviated the problems of illegibility and nonstandard language often found in free-text forms, there were still problems because this method did not successfully link diagnostic data with treatment and prescription information, and often diagnoses were miscoded.
The nature of injury, medical complaint, or treatment was recorded on a specifically designed medical encounter form at the time of examination or treatment by the examining physician.
While Lahey Clinic is now undergoing the implementation of an electronic medical record (EMR) system, our journey into paperless medicine started some eight years ago when we realized that our approach to coding and billing, based on the paper encounter form, was inefficient and needed improvement.
The appendices have been reorganized to be more accessible and intuitive, and the text is now supplemented by an online collection of additional education tools, faculty development resources, and an electronic teaching encounter form for mobile devices or personal computers for recording and remembering interactions with learners.
We also have developed an evidence-based well-child encounter form for our electronic medical records.