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The scrambling of electronic information being stored and sent so that if someone wrongly receives such information it will not be readable.
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Last time we challenged cryptanalysts with a short message, enciphered in three different ways, with the objective of reading the message and reconstructing all three modes of encipherment. Scan Reddick and Ross Eckler succeeded, and three other cryppies found everything but the last mode of encipherment.
Using the fact that R = 17 and U = 20 in numerical form, the encipherment is carried out in the following way.
But because issues such as "data encipherment" or "authentication of e-mail itself" have been raised by network managers increasingly concerned about data leakage, we have concluded that it is difficult to achieve the realization of inexpensive remote access using existing equipment.
In May 2006 a cryptanalyst/forensic examiner from the CRRU explained the complex encipherment process to a federal jury in Southern California.
Russian Dimitry Sklyarov wrote a program to crack Adobe's eBook encipherment, allowing users to move eBooks from one machine to another, and enabling blind consumers to hear the books read out loud.
In spy stories about cryptography, ciphers make for an analogue of poetic form, encipherment a parallel to an aspect of composition, and cryptanalysis an avatar of extreme new critical close-reading.
Quinn, haunted by nothing outside the text, seeks to eliminate the de-composing effects of body and world by encrypting--burying and encoding--himself in the ideal work of an other (the Work of his pseudonymous self), reducing himself to the naught of a cipher by a process of encipherment.
There are Berg's sketches; there are Berg's notations (the designations 'Math Thema', accompanying the musical encipherment of Mathilde's name - A, H, D, E in German notation, A, B, D, E in British - 'Umkehrung d.