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The scrambling of electronic information being stored and sent so that if someone wrongly receives such information it will not be readable.
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For example, suppose we want to encipher the message "RU" using the affine cipher with keys a = 11 and b = 3, that is, using the affine cipher y [equivalent to] 11x + 3 (mod 26).
Visitors can decipher and encipher messages using the complex Enigma code, maneuver the sub in a simulated dive trainer (which takes two people), take a bunk (only 35 bunks for 59 sailors meant most men had to "hot bunk," or take turns sleeping in beds still warm from the previous crewman's use), stand in the cook's galley (there's room for only one), and climb through a hatch while hearing the background sounds of a sub on patrol.
4) With the ability both to encipher and decipher German naval traffic, the British conceived a ruse de guerre aimed at the destruction of the German Pacific squadron.
Bethea's book is at its best in the interstices, where he touches lightly upon (but does not develop in detail, because that wasn't his main purpose) two central aspects of Pushkin's creative biography and aesthetic that are undoubtedly the most likely to be disputed by Pushkin scholars of almost every stripe: (i) the poet's lifelong evolution away from a secular, even blasphemous outlook to a stand on ethical (and even artistic) issues that is recognizably though perhaps somewhat idiosyncratically Christian; and (ii) the poet's insistence and ingenious ability to encipher in both literary and non-fictional forms his own most cherished feelings and convictions.
85) Moreover, when building false communication nets, Great Britain and the United States would even encipher their false communications in such a manner that they would be deemed realistic by the Germans if they were deciphered--in other words, the Allies ruled out enciphered communications filled with "nonsense.
The use of machines to encipher messages is usually believed to be a modern invention.
It is an attentiveness that attempts to encipher and decipher a multiplicity of human perceptions that no one code or narrative ultimately codifies.
A private key encryption algorithm, the DES uses the same key to encipher and decipher a message.
How fast can an encipher and test be done against known ciphertext?
Pick Six favourite Encipher, looking for back-to-back wins at Jebel Ali this season, set the pace for most of the trip under Royston Ffrench, but visibly tired in the closing stages.
Whether it is Nigeria's Encipher, Congo-Brazzaville's VMK, Ghana's rLG and Kludjeson, or even more daringly, Cameroon's cardiopad, which aims to offer a cardiograph (ECG) service on the go, Africans are investing considerable entrepreneurial and intellectual resources into devising a portable computer system that can serve Africa's users.