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The relation of two objects similar in form but not superimposable, as the two hands or an object and its mirror image.
[enantio- + G. morphē, form]
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This is another example of political enantiomorphism, modern terrorism being born at the beginning of democratic liberalism, therefore justifying its actions.
At the same time they denounce the barbarism, depravation and atheism of the Occidental world, just as the West denounces the barbarism, decay and anti-Christianity of the Islam, to demonstrate again the rapport of the social enantiomorphism. More than that, they anathemize American colonialism and evoke the obligation of every Muslim to defend natural rights.
The two worlds are in a strange process of social enantiomorphism, which seems to be the primordial root of this conflict.
In the tectosilicate structure of quartz, in which there is no center of symmetry, enantiomorphism results from how the tetrahedral Si[O.sub.4] polyhedra connect, at their points, to form helical chains, which, like spiral staircases, turn either clockwise or counterclockwise.