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1. Relating to two objects, each of which is the mirror image of the other.
2. chemistry relating to isomers, the optic activities of which are equal in magnitude but opposite in sign.
Synonym(s): enantiomorphous
[enantio- + G. morphē, form]
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But one should not forget that, in these combined curves, other important information becomes lost, such as the discriminatory features of biological objects connected with functional enantiomorphic L-, R-, S-rhythm groups.
Arranged in a doubled format reminiscent of Hesse's Metronomic Irregularity I (also 1966, and the extraordinary model for the Fischbach piece) and Smithson's Enantiomorphic Chambers, 1965, the puzzle is a testament to the Hesse-Smithson-Holt exchange at the height of its intensity, and to the fact that both Hesse and Smithson were then producing "doubles" (a point to which we'll return).
Yet the way the mirror reflections in Smithson's Enantiomorphic Chambers trigger the informe -