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Pertaining to enantiomerism.
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It was found that in the enantiomeric composition of the compounds studied the aroma from different blackcurrant parts and from berries of different ripening stage was quite similar.
On the one hand, the agency asks pharmaceutical companies to disclose the enantiomeric composition of new chiral drugs and to test the biological activities of each enantiomer during the drug development process.
As for the substrate specificity, 1,2-dipalmitoyGPC and its enantiomeric isomer were hydrolyzed at the same rate, and 1-palmitoyGPC, triacyl-, diacyly- and monoacylglycerols were also hydrolyzed, whereas cholesteryl oleate was not.
The enantiomeric fractions (EFs) reported here are corrected using the responses of the isotopically labeled diastereomer standards as described elsewhere (Marvin et al.
From this, the enantiomeric excess can be determined.
2009) Design, synthesis, and biological evaluation of enantiomeric [beta]-N-acetylhexosaminidase inhibitors LABNAc and DABNAc as potential agents against Tay-Sachs and Sandhoff disease.
EQO is a chiral molecule existing as both R and S enantiomeric forms.
Enantiomeric rations as an indicator of exposure processes for persistent pollutants in human placentas.
Activity assays for a number of classes of primarily hydrolytic enzymes are covered including hydrolases, lipolytic enzymes, proteases, and enantiomeric selective hydrolases.
Although the enantiomeric excess (ee) was too low to be of practical use, it led to an explosion in research in this field.
At the same time the enantiomeric derivatives of ketones ( [alpha]-hydroxy ketones, acids, lactones, etc.
Enantiomeric pairs are ideal for use in systematic hapten structure-activity studies, because the two enantiomers have identical physical properties in achiral environments.