enamel caries

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e·nam·el ca·ries

(ĕ-namĕl karēz)
Decay of tooth enamel.
See also: caries
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Conclusion: Professionally applied 5% sodium fluoride varnish can remineralise early enamel caries and 38% silver diamine fluoride is effective in arresting dentine caries.
These authors included clinical studies of the remineralizing and arresting effect of topical fluoride application in children and divided them into 2 groups: those that measured early enamel caries and dentin caries.
5) The anticaries effect of F toothpaste containing 1100 [micro]g F/g (ppm F) in reducing enamel caries is well established, (6,7) but its effect on dentine has not been extensively studied.
The effect of F toothpaste in reducing enamel caries, provided the concentration is 1000 [micro]g F/g or higher, is based on evidence.
Enamel caries initiation and progression following low fluence (energy) argon laser and fluoride treatment.
Effect of sterilization methods on the structural integrity of artificial enamel caries for intra-oral cariogenicity tests.
The results of many clinical and experimental studies in the permanent dentition have shown that laser fluorescence caries detection when compared with visual examination was more sensitive but less specific for the detection of dentine caries and less sensitive but more specific for enamel caries [Bader and Shugars, 2004; Lussi et al.
2008] while for enamel caries, it was less sensitive but more specific [Rodrigues et al.
They are surfaces with deep pits and fissures, stains or decalcified walls and probably non-cavitated incipient enamel caries (Fig.
Studies of the early lesion of enamel caries with transmitted light , polarised light and radiography.
The pH of dental plaque in relation to early enamel caries and dental plaque flora in humans.
This differs from the result found at six month review where teeth in the Xeno[R] III group were found more likely to show early enamel caries than the etch group.