enamel caries

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e·nam·el ca·ries

(ĕ-namĕl karēz)
Decay of tooth enamel.
See also: caries
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A new method for in vivo quantification of changes in initial enamel caries with laser fluorescence.
(5) The anticaries effect of F toothpaste containing 1100 [micro]g F/g (ppm F) in reducing enamel caries is well established, (6,7) but its effect on dentine has not been extensively studied.
The microporosities of the enamel caries lesion are filled with either a watery medium (R.I.
It can be recommended that the systems such as Laser Fluorescence, Quantitative Light-Induced Fluorescence (QLF) and Digital Image fiberOptic Trans-illumination (DiFOTI) do facilitate earlier detection of enamel caries.
It consists of two components: the sealing of caries-prone pits and fissures, including those with enamel caries lesions (ART sealants), and restoring cavitated dentin carious lesions with sealant-restorations (ART restorations).
Early detection of enamel caries by the luminescence excited by visible laser light.
Katz et al have shown that, like enamel caries, root caries tends to primarily affect mandibular molars with a decreasing susceptibility for premolars and incisors.