empyema necessitatis

em·py·e·ma ne·ces·si·ta·'tis

empyema necessitans, a form of pyothorax in which the pus burrows to the outside, producing a subcutaneous abscess that finally ruptures through the skin; it may result in spontaneous recovery without requiring an operation.
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Empyema necessitatis, plevral bosluk infeksiyonlarinin nadir bir komplikasyonudur.
intermedius'a bagli empyema necessitatis tanisi konuldu.
Empyema necessitatis ise ampiyemin nadir gorulen bir komplikasyonudur.
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Delay in treatment causes various complications like empyema necessitatis, septicemia, brain abscess, amyloidosis, bronchiectasis, fibrothorax, respiratory failure and death.
The diagnosis of empyema necessitatis is made and seven days after admission thoracotomy with surgical debridement is done.
The result is empyema necessitatis, a rare complication characterized by the dissection of purulent material through the soft tissues and eventually involving the skin.
Empyema necessitatis due to Actinomyces odontolyticus.