empty sella

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 [sel´ah] (L.)
a saddle-shaped depression. adj., adj sel´lar.
empty sella see empty-sella syndrome.
sella tur´cica a depression on the upper surface of the sphenoid bone, lodging the pituitary gland.
Sella turcica in the superior aspect of the sphenoid bone. From Dorland's, 2000.

emp·ty sel·la

a sella turcica, often enlarged, that contains no discernible pituitary gland; may be primarily due to an incompetent sellar diaphragm with compression of the pituitary gland by herniating arachnoid or secondarily due to surgery or radiotherapy.


pl. sellae [L.] a saddle-shaped depression.

empty sella
sella turcica
a depression on the upper surface of the sphenoid bone, lodging the pituitary gland.
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MRI findings were grouped as Normal, Microadenomas, Macroadenomas, Complete empty sella syndrome and Partial empty sella syndrome.
3%) showed macro adenoma, 6 (7%) showed empty sella syndrome and 6 (7%) showed partially empty sella syndrome.
Complete/partial empty sella syndrome was only found in female Patients.
Imaging in the form of CT and pneumoencephalography demonstrated evidence of primary empty sella.
Autoimmune hypophysitis ultimately can give the picture of empty sella on pituitary imaging and cannot be ruled out at present, although GH deficiency is considered to be less common in lymphocytic hypophysitis and pituitary stalk was not thickened in the present patient (12,14).
Primary empty sella, hyperprolactinemia and isolated ACTH deficiency after postpartum hemorrhage.
MRI detected an empty sella and fluid collections in the ethmoid sinuses and nasal cavity.
d/h Hypo pituitarism has varied etiology, most common being pituitary adenomas (Macro 75 % and others 20%), Sheehan syndrome, familial hypopituitarism, idiopathic, hypophysitis, empty sella syndrome, snake bite being other causes.
In this case, a static enhanced MRI indicated an empty sella without pituitary adenoma, which was not in accordance with typical acromegalic appearance and hypercortisolism.
Growth hormone secreting pituitary microadenomas and empty sella - An under-recognized association?
A case report of an ectopic clival growth hormone adenoma associated with an empty sella and a review of the literature.
Reversible empty sella in idiopathic intracranial hypertension: An indicator of successful therapy?