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said of a female of breeding age; nonpregnant.

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Q. How can I know the inhaler is empty? My 8 years-old boy has asthma and he takes steroids with inhaler. Every time it runs out of med we get a prescription for a new one. Is that OK? A friend that her son is treated with similar inhaler told me that towards the end it no longer delivers enough medication. How can I know I should get a new one?

A. Here is a video you may find usefull:
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Q. what does it mean when an ultrasound shows an empty amniotic sac and no baby?

A. This exact thing happened with my friend who is now 22 weeks with her first baby. She had 2 additional sacs - both empty - and the doctor said that the pregnancy had probably started out as triplets but that only one of the embryos had actually established and continued to grow.

Her doctor said it is very common for a woman to have more than one egg fertilize but that in most cases the pregnancy continues as a singleton only. She told my friend that the empty sacs would just disappear through time (which they did) and that they posed no danger to her baby.

Q. I took vitamin B on an empty stomack and then had coffee. it gave me a terrible Stomach ache. why?

A. hi again! you should take them right after a meal. those pills are vary concentrated and some of the B vitamins are acidic. taking it without eating first will get your stomach protesting ...as you well saw...

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Dazed kids clinging to one another, staring emptily into the distance.
Many of the polemics exploited a tried and tested smear technique, consigning the condemned to the categories of alien, speculative, inappropriate or emptily artistic as against idealist art, against music that respected the native and authentic (unutilised) tradition.
158), it is worth recalling that the Midsummer Eve mating revels in the woods at midnight (Woodlanders, II, iv), are supremely well-adapted to the sexual readiness of one hot-blooded maiden, Suke Damson, and the equally hot-blooded young doctor she lures, none too emptily, into the hay.
Our cast-off clothes lie in a complacent heap on the patterned carpet, emptily intertangled as we, if you attend me, are fully so, and it's clear by them she has no interest in--perhaps not even awareness of--the fashions of the day.
So when they emptily denounce the Patriot Act - without offering a reasonable alternative - they promote a destructive passivity.
Once a week a handful of men in civilian clothes, or bits of last-war uniforms gathered in an old garage, a packing shed, or if they were lucky, in an armoury that echoed emptily to the sounds of their few feet, and as they came to the evening drill they were sometimes sneered at by the loungers in the streets.
A Court admirably unanimous on the merits in 1954 became ambiguously, indeed emptily, unanimous on the key issue of relief in 1955.
This biography, as emptily vacuous as your average pop song and as fawningly enthusiastic as a groupie, doesn't have the answer.
A sizeable gathering of British Muslim clerics in Birmingham this week spoke emptily about "forgiving" Bin Laden and claimed attacking him meant we regarded all Muslim organisations as terrorists.
making the high bucket (Bolingbroke) dance emptily, carelessly and