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said of a female of breeding age; nonpregnant.

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Q. How can I know the inhaler is empty? My 8 years-old boy has asthma and he takes steroids with inhaler. Every time it runs out of med we get a prescription for a new one. Is that OK? A friend that her son is treated with similar inhaler told me that towards the end it no longer delivers enough medication. How can I know I should get a new one?

A. Here is a video you may find usefull:
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Q. what does it mean when an ultrasound shows an empty amniotic sac and no baby?

A. This exact thing happened with my friend who is now 22 weeks with her first baby. She had 2 additional sacs - both empty - and the doctor said that the pregnancy had probably started out as triplets but that only one of the embryos had actually established and continued to grow.

Her doctor said it is very common for a woman to have more than one egg fertilize but that in most cases the pregnancy continues as a singleton only. She told my friend that the empty sacs would just disappear through time (which they did) and that they posed no danger to her baby.

Q. I took vitamin B on an empty stomack and then had coffee. it gave me a terrible Stomach ache. why?

A. hi again! you should take them right after a meal. those pills are vary concentrated and some of the B vitamins are acidic. taking it without eating first will get your stomach protesting ...as you well saw...

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States such as California allow driverless vehicles, and Nevada, which consists of Las Vegas, a lot of desert and not a lot else, specifically passed laws to encourage its emptier roads to be used as a test venue.
Following our visit to the flooded site and a telephone call, Kirklees Council despatched a gully emptier yesterday afternoon.
Now, she struggles daily to adjust to an emptier and stranger new normal, while night often brings visits from Luke in ghost form.
Alban has been a close friend of mine for over half a century and I, like his many friends, will find that world a little emptier without him.
Every Sunday, the church pews get emptier and emptier and it is not easy for seminarians and priests to comfort others" (Vatican Insider, 29 November 2012).
To say that the world got smaller, emptier, darker and lonelier when we lost Elizabeth is an understatement," Contact music quoted Farrell as telling the guests.
The briefs also feature the Pump leg bag emptier, which allows the user to empty their leg bag directly into a toilet or a urinal without assistance.
The emptier their hearts are, the more crime and war we see," he said.
Greenpeace teamed up with costume enthusiasts to bring attention to fishing methods they fear will leave the seas emptier than the most pit at a Cliff Richard gig.
As well as emptier halls, clubs have suffered a double blow because fruit machines used to generate up to half their income.
Summary: Children could wake up to emptier stockings this Christmas as more than a third of parents intend to spend less on gifts than usual.
CHILDREN could wake up to emptier stockings this Christmas as research found more than a third of parents intend to spend less on gifts than usual.