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n 1. to be engaged in work for hire.
n 2. use of a specific tool or technique in the accomplishment of a task.

Patient discussion about employment

Q. My son who is now employed and due to his work stress has started drinking every day. My son who is normally a lovely boy started drinking with friends. We never objected even when he started drinking heavily as well he was well controlled. He is now employed and due to his work stress has started drinking every day. I have been observing him every day on his increasing intake. Due to this he has lost his loving nature and because of this work related stress cannot now be handled by him. I am also worried that if he may be diagnosed as an alcoholic and I need some advice.

A. You have figured out that your son is probably an alcoholic. He is self medicating his stress. His story is very familiar. You may be seeing only the beginning stages of it. Some never give up drinking and they eventually die from it. Sooner or later your son's drinking will cause some kind of trouble to himself or others. Its already affecting you as he has sought comfort from a bottle instead of family support and you feel left out.

As a responsible adult and loving parent, you have to start saying NO and take a firm stance against his heavy drinking. You can encourage him to get help. You could suggest that he go to an AA meeting instead of a bar. But you should not tolerate heavy drinking or drunkenness around your home. This is what is called "tough love". You can pray for him that he will turn his life around.

Most alcoholics will keep right on drinking. They often have to hit rock bottom in their life before they realize how powerless they are over alcohol. AA c

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When CSX reduced its workforce, the company and its employees' union agreed to a forced transfer arrangement under which laid-off employees were allowed to choose among three options: They could transfer to a new location and come back to work for CSX, remain laid-off and forfeit any further temporary benefits while retaining their employment rights, or leave the company after receiving a lumpsum payment.
4th 384, the California Supreme Court rejected an employee's lawsuit for breach of contract, breach of the covenant of good faith and fair dealing, and fraud in connection with his termination, ruling that: (1) At-will language in the employee's job offer confirmation letter unambiguously meant that he could be fired without cause; and (2) A clear and unambiguous at-will provision in a written employment contract, signed by the employee, cannot be overcome by evidence of a prior or contemporaneous implied-in-fact contract requiring good cause for termination.
The outstanding employment professionals and employers help our nation recognize that veterans and disabled veterans are excellent employees," said Reese.
Ps claim that they gave up their rights as tenured teachers to continued employment, absent just cause for termination.
However, the Supreme Court ruled that in cases where the harassment culminates in a tangible employment action, the employer is vicariously liable regardless of whether the employer had preventive anti-harassment policies in place and regardless of whether the employer took remedial action once learning of the conduct.
But they are crucial to all economies in providing formal employment for new entrants to the workforce and also unskilled workers--a group whose only alternatives are informal (and therefore illegal) work or welfare.
Van Lieshout (2001) discusses the Business Leadership Network, which is an employer led coalition with networks throughout the country promoting employment of people with disabilities, as a "talented, motivated source of untapped labor" (p.
A first multivariate analysis assessed associations between employment changes and infant birth weight as a continuous variable, taking into account other factors possibly influencing birth weight (maternal age, race and prepregnancy weight; alcohol use and smoking during pregnancy; and infant sex).
Newsask Community Futures Development Corporation Northeast Supported Employment Program.
The summer employment rates of the nation's teens rose with their household incomes until incomes of more than $60,000 were reached, the Northeastern study said.
For all of these reasons--money, stability, self-esteem-people trying to help ex-offenders often think employment is the best way to reduce recidivism.
Agents also should be aware that affluent individuals have a greater risk of domestic employment litigation.

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