employer-sponsored plan

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employer-sponsored plan,

n a program supported totally or in part by an employer or group of employers to provide dental benefits for employees. The plan may be administered directly by the employer or another person or group under a contractual arrangement. Part of the cost may be borne by the employee.
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The final regulations were changed from the proposed rules to clarify that medical coverage offered to employees by an organization acting on an employer's behalf qualifies as an employer-sponsored plan.
The act schedules out the implementation of mandated benefits for large employer-sponsored plans.
Proposals for state-assisted retirement savings programs could raise coverage and, ultimately, savings by involving state governments in facilitating retirement savings for workers without access to an employer-sponsored plan.
A large proportion of the self-employed acquire coverage in health and dental plans by piggybacking on the employer-sponsored plan of a spouse or close relative.
Nearly one-half of beneficiaries with incomes over $45,000 per year have an employer-sponsored plan versus less than 20 percent of those with incomes under $15,000.
As of January 1, 2001, employees will be able to transfer retirement assets from one employer-sponsored plan to another or to an IRA.
Aetna employer-sponsored plan participants who currently receive care from Catalyst providers will automatically receive the benefits of this new collaboration.
UnitedHealthcare employer-sponsored plan participants who currently receive care from ProHealth providers will not have to do anything differently to receive the benefits of this latest collaboration, which include care coordination and follow-up.
An individual whose household income is between 100% and 400% of the federal poverty line ($23,550 to $94,200 for a family of four in 2013) will be eligible to receive a federal subsidy (through a refundable premium tax credit and a cost-sharing reduction) to purchase insurance on an exchange if, in relevant part, the only other alternative for obtaining minimum essential coverage is through an employer-sponsored plan that does not provide minimum value or is not affordable (Regs.
Whether the employer offers an employer-sponsored plan.
Summary Plan Descriptions, sometimes referred to as SPDs, describe the provisions of an employer-sponsored plan such as health, life or disability and a written summary of the plan benefits.
In other words, companies can amend their retirement plans to allow employees to make IRA contributions to their employer-sponsored plan.
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