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Medical practice A person who works for another person, an organization or business. See Service employee. Cf Independent contractor.


n a person who, under the direction and control of the employer, performs services for remuneration.
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6) The law can be violated if an action of the employer results in a "disparate treatment" or "disparate impact" on the employee.
Facts: In the case, the employer contracted with an RSC to assist in selling employees' residences.
That opens the door for greater education based on populations, particularly because different employer groups have different characteristics.
In the first scenario the employee effectively sells the residence to the employer via the relocation company; the buyout price is generally the average of two or three appraisals.
This includes how, in some cases, the employer may not even have the opportunity to offer a defense to liability.
201 still requires, among other things, that all wages earned, including unused accrued vacation days, be paid at the time of discharge if the employer terminates or within 72 hours if the employee quits.
35 to in-house tax practitioners would have raised numerous issues and might have impaired the provision of sound and timely tax advice to the practitioner's employer.
The slowdown in benefit cost increases in 2003 didn't signal a cooling of the underlying cost trend; rather, it was the results of employer cost-cutting measures.
But Garamendi said his plan is designed to have benefits begin more quickly for employees, allowing them to flow immediately after an injury even if an employer disputes the claim.
These spaces, however, are generally the property of the employer, who may need to search them if there is a reasonable concern, for example, about a drug problem or theft of company property.
By actively engaging key stakeholders such as employers, institutions can identify learning outcomes important to those employers and thus address the issue of accountability.

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