empirical treatment

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empirical treatment

Treatment given without knowledge of the cause or nature of the disorder and based on experience rather than logic. Sometimes urgency dictates empirical treatment, as when a dangerous infection by an unknown organism is treated with a broad-spectrum antibiotic while the results of bacterial culture and other tests are awaited.
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Empirical treatment

Medical treatment that is given on the basis of the doctor's observations and experience.
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These findings, which reflect today's reality in a developing country setting and may foretell future trends in industrialized countries, demonstrate the importance of tailoring empirical treatment regimens to the patients' demographic profile.
For adults with this type of cough, monotherapy with antihistamines as an empirical treatment is recommended by American and European guidelines, including the American College of Chest Physicians' guidelines, which recommend first-generation antihistamines for adults with chronic cough.
Empirical treatment for viral encephalitis with intravenous acyclovir should be carried out in all suspected cases even before accurate diagnosis can be made.
We believe that a change in the empirical treatment is necessary, mainly in patients with sepsis during hospitalization, which can decrease the global mortality of patients infected by ESBL-KP.
We commonly encountered multidrug resistance of clinical significance that calls for continuous surveillance of antibiograms to guide empirical treatment. We advocate the inclusion of ciprofloxacin in the treatment regimen of H.
The common antibiotics prescribed as empirical treatment for CAP patients on outpatient basis includeAmoxicillin in 92, Ciprofloxacin in 20, Ofloxacin in 4, Amoxiclav in 20, Azithromycin in 20, Cefixime in 10, Levofloxacin in 8, Clarithromycin in 6 and others in 8 patients.
The use was considered appropriate in the empirical treatment of severe nosocomial infections, based on the microbiological profile of the institution; after therapeutic failure of the first-choice antibiotics; on the specific treatment of infections where it was the only therapeutic alternative or more cost-effective and on the treatment of infections caused by multiresistant microorganisms [18-22].
pneumoniae (28) is only intermediate, and a significant number of bacterial pneumonias complicating influenza may not respond to empirical treatment. This fact is well supported by evidence from mouse models; more modern "respiratory" fluoroquinolones such as gatifloxacin demonstrate good results (29) against S.
This may present a diagnostic dilemma, and choosing empirical treatment is difficult as all these conditions merit different and sometimes potentially toxic treatment.
But antibiotics showed superiority to placebo in patients with nasal discharge or cough that did not resolve within 10 days, so radiographs may be unnecessary and empirical treatment may be warranted in this group.
Further there have been significant changes in the antimicrobial resistance patterns among Extended Spectrum [beta]-lactamase (ESBL) producing pathogens makes empirical treatment of these infections difficult.
Empirical treatment presented a greater adequacy when two or more drugs were used (33 out of 54 versus 43 out of 71; p = 0.70).

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