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Many empirical formulas for evaporation in undisturbed pools into quiet air have been published.
While FT-ICR may suggest certain empirical formulas and perhaps point to specific functional groups, it does not provide structural information.
Formulas are checked to verify that they conform to a rigorous syntax and format so that empirical formulas can be generated.
Overall, the numerical models showed better agreement with the experimental results than the empirical formula developed in ASHRAE Research Project 1026 (Mouratidis and Becker 2003).
Seed's empirical formula is not the same as the limit state curve of sand liquefaction.
If the empirical formula for the oxides is known, a calculation of the mass fraction oxides can be made.
Stress relaxation curves are usually expressed by empirical formula [ref.
The fifth edition adds the synthesis and empirical formula determination of zinc iodide, and deletes the use of iron.
In General information section the following data are displayed: name, CAS #, IUPAC name, Common name, Common synonyms, Abbreviations, Empirical Formula, Molecular mass, RETECS Number, EPA Code, Chemical Class, Mixture, EINECS number, NFPA Classification, NFPA Health, NFPA Flammability, NFPA Reactivity, WHMIS Classification (Canadian), HMIS Health, HMIS Fire, HMIS Reactivity, HMIS Personal protection, OSHA Hazard Class, UN Risk Phrases, R, UN Safety Phrases, S, DOT Hazard Class, UN/NA, ADR /RID Class, ICAO/IATA Class, IMDG Class, Food law approvals, Producers, Highly recommended for polymers (list of polymers), Recommended for polymers (list of polymers), Fields of application, Other Properties
In General information section, the following data are displayed: name, CAS #, IUPAC name, Common name, Common synonym, Acronym, Empirical formula, Molecular weight, Chemical category, Mixture, Product contents, Moisture content, Silicone content, and EC number.
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