emphysematous cystitis

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em·phy·sem·a·tous cys·ti·tis

inflammation of the bladder wall caused by gas-forming bacteria, usually secondary to diabetes mellitus.
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Other predisposing factors include the presence of a post-micturition residue or chronic retention (neurogenic bladder, diabetic, prostatic or urethral obstacle), presence of renal transplantation, renal infarction, systemic lupus, immunodepression due to long-term corticotherapy or immunosuppressors such as cyclophosphamide well-known for their vesical toxicity (9-12), the occurrence of postoperative emphysematous cystitis following endoscopic urologic procedures or colic surgery have been reported in the literature (13).
Patients with emphysematous cystitis are not as acutely ill as those with pyelonephritis or pyelitis.
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A bladder fungus ball and fungal emphysematous cystitis should always be suspected in patients with diabetes mellitus with uncontrolled funguria and abnormal imaging.
A computed tomography (CT) scan of the pelvis was subsequently performed, revealing a distended bladder measuring 10 x 9 cm with extensive peripheral air in its inner margin and a significant amount of gas anteriorly compatible with emphysematous cystitis (Fig.
The diagnosis of emphysematous cystitis was made based on the CT.