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Hence, the beaten body of the servant and the emotionalized subjectivity of the wife foreground embodied emotion in a specific cultural context.
Here, the reactions of the politicians in interviews are of special importance: If the broadcast pictures are too strongly emotionalized, high-potency politicians' displays result in spectators having the feeling that the situation is under control.
Waters's primary and seemingly paradoxical solution to the relief bureaucracy's shortcomings is, surprisingly, further bureaucratization: 'The solution is to strengthen bureaucratic rationality, and not delegate authority to the necessarily emotionalized popular press, which is pursuing other ends than the delivery of rationalized services to refugees' (p.
The major reason for Europe's dissatisfaction with how the US handled 'September 11th' can be related to a genuine distrust towards a discourse that was characterized by the juxtaposition of political simplicity and a highly emotionalized, yet almost unarticulated patriotism.
evidentiary base is reduced and yet the trial is emotionalized; neither
No political movement, Dewey explains in part three of the series, will "get far on a purely intellectual basis." Rather, politics has to be "emotionalized; it must appeal to the social imagination." While some people "can get excited about Muscle Shoals, or about the attempts to grab a monopoly of water power in Montana or Virginia," most people will not see the relevance of single issues without rhetorical efforts to reveal that relevance: "Flags and fla g waving are necessary because man is so constituted that every great movement in history has owed its force to the stirring of emotion" (1931d, p.
Third, there are small groups of highly emotionalized Christians led and inspired by someone who claims to be a prophet, that is, a person to whom God has supposedly spoken directly.
Additionally, the meaning of race as well as its distinction from the politicized and emotionalized minority concoction are well articulated in "Race Rules: Navigating the Color Line" (Dyson, 1997).
Rasa is an emotionalized perception of the world as opposed to the purely intellectual or theoretical.
Finally, but not last in order of importance, Zimring and Hawkins regret the politicized and emotionalized character of much current criminal justice debate, and struggle to move our thought processes closer to a state of political detachment.
"one of the fastest trains, fastest trains." The train gets to be a "subject" that is very close to being endowed with its own animate characteristics, through its emotionalized hoot, and the affectionate attention given it by the voices only reinforces that effect.
The mere urging of honest behavior by teachers or the discussion of standards and ideals of honesty, no matter how much such general ideals may be "emotionalized," has no necessary relation to conduct ....