feeling tone

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feel·ing tone

the mental state (pleasure, repugnance, etc.) that accompanies every act or thought.
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The rules governed the emotional tone of the phase, the level of contact with the audience, the attitude toward the supermarket, the acoustics and the style of acting (from psychologically grounded to slapstick).
Reproaches also may affect talk about transgressions through their emotional tone.
Some others say that the man is a "softy" who believes that addressing the Syrian president with an emotional tone and reminding him that he is a "father" to all the Syrians might prevent him from proceeding with the horrific crimes carried by his militias and security services.
Given the emotional tone and "middle of the field" type of rhetoric of Erdoy-an, his speech proved to be anticlimactic.
Mr Coleman added: "We really rely on facial expressions and the tone of voice to work out the emotional tone of what someone is saying.
If anybody is found guilty, whoever he is, however powerful he may be, I will take action," Antony said and adding in emotional tone that he is ready to be punished if he was wrong.
His vocals sound no worse for the wear, and the emotional tone of this collection is playful and without intimations of mortality.
We manipulated the emotional tone, but measured the chronic self-regulatory focus.
So fascinated by her knowledge of these seemingly esoteric cosmologies and cults, and so enticed by the emotional tone of it, one might miss her implicit theologizing and fail to question it.
And the latest director to take on the challenge of bringing the emotional tone to boxing is David O Russell.
Listen out for the opening number Beauty In The World which has a folk-tinged, gospel sound, That Man (Ting Tings inspired) and The Comeback whose furious and emotional tone brings the album to a soaring close.
Bess, a developmental psychologist and educational consultant, draws on her experience as a preschool classroom observer to recommend best practices for the classroom, emphasizing that teachers must be aware of how their attitudes and emotional tone impact the children in their care.