emotional strength

emotional strength,

n emotional stability and resiliency, characterized by assertiveness, caring, coping, and stress-management skills.
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I told her that it's in those crucial times that she'll get that emotional strength,' added De Jesus.
Squadron Leader Jules Sampson, Officer Commanding Recruit Training Squadron, said: "Today is a proud day for Dhylan, as well as his family; achieving success in Basic Recruit Training requires mental, physical and emotional strength, because the course is far from easy, and a great sense of achievement is felt by all, including the instructors who help them towards their goal of graduating.
Beyond work, it supplemented my emotional strength and fortified my belief in my abilities and work ethic.
Kate, expecting her third child in April, said giving them emotional strength is the best preparation for life's challenges.
There is one more piece to this puzzle: the emotional strength of each element in the formula.
Yearwood's heartfelt, and often humorous, narrative follows her journey from arrest to release, unveiling the Layers of emotional strength it took to withstand racism, homophobia, and a less-than sympathetic girlfriend (who broke up with her after Yearwood was released); and the struggle of an artist seeking inspiration--even in the darkest of times.
Thank goodness I had the counsel of wise people like my dad, who helped me develop emotional strength.
But he needs both the physical and emotional strength of Bear to achieve that insight.
Miss Evans, making her debut as The Marschallin, gave a spellbinding performance of this complex, world-wise character, revealing both her emotional strength and vulnerability.
Imagine you and your doctor talking about strategies for building physical and emotional strength, brainstorming together about potential solutions to life's challenges.
Psychology has proven that early years play is instrumental in developing a child's creative skills, boosting imagination and dexterity as well as physical, cognitive and emotional strength.
This exposure provided him with an emotional strength that came in handy when he went to the US for higher studies.