emotional overlay

e·mo·tion·al o·ver·lay

the emotional or psychological concomitant of an organic disability.
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"These vexing problems are really strained because of the emotional overlay and these emotions have to be addressed and respected."
They too respond to the functional benefits, but without the emotional overlay and gratification of being a public servant and serving their 'fellow man'.
I don't know if that's the case or not, but there did seem to be an emotional overlay in many of these patients.
Pseudo-relapse syndrome describes functional symptoms or emotional overlay inconsistent and separate to the organic physical component of MS.
Irregular and/or troublesome bleeding in the reproductive-age patient (with or without emotional overlay) who has a normal rectal exam or sonogram will most likely have a hormonal etiology and will be called "dysfunctional uterine bleeding." This is often treated with hormonal contraceptive agents, either oral or injectable, without the need for a penetrating vaginal exam.
Now I don't know about you but I wouldn't want any 14-year-old daughter of mine offering support at a friend's abortion, with all the emotional overlay involved.
"In health care discussions, there is an emotional overlay that makes clarity even more problematic," said Dr.
Issues related to organicity, financial gain, and emotional overlay continue to provide the primary areas of differential diagnosis and controversy today.
A main benefit is having an independ-ent voice to balance the sometimes myopic decision-mak-ing that can often plague privately held and family-owned businesses, especially as they deal with emotional overlays of personal relationships.
Beecher insisted that pain research could be carried out only by studying real pain in patients, taking into account all the subjective, emotional overlays that accompanied the origins of the pain.
Given that many transplants are matters of life and death, the moral, ethical, and emotional overlays are significant.