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Luckily, John found an emotional outlet in songwriting.
"My piano is my emotional outlet," she said, "not my medal winner." It spoke for her and felt for her.
Without a proper emotional outlet, and haunted by childhood trauma, she acts out.
WITH Mercury moving into Leo, you could find a new emotional outlet today.
(75p/min + network access charge) For more call 0903 658 1002 Pisces Feb 20-Mar 20 With Mercury moving into Leo you could find a new emotional outlet today.
FACEBOOK is one emotional outlet, another is crying.
None of his work typifies this emotional outlet more than How Could You Leave Us, a track from NF's 2016 album, Therapy Session.
Garcia began writing over the past year as an emotional outlet to help in the healing process after losing her fourth children in a premature birth.
WHEN CHRIS KELLY started writing Other People, it began more as an exercise than an emotional outlet, After years penning sketches for shows like Saturday Night Live and Broad City, he needed to know if he could draft a feature-length film script.
"Traditional" comics (featuring superheroes or other nonmedical topics) that contain medical themes can be used to mediate the effects of illness for those who require an emotional outlet. (6) Instructional comics have even been used by The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in the education of young adults about human immunodeficiency virus and other sexually transmitted infections for which they may be at risk yet about which they have little information.
She typically hands the survivor a notebook, she said, telling them how journaling offered her an emotional outlet after her son's death.