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They explain the development of the self through secure attachment; unintegration and attachment; syndromes of deprivation, such as the frozen child and the caretaker self, and how workers can understand and discover the real self of the child; assessing the needs of traumatized children through an emotional need assessment program; therapeutic treatment plans; creating a therapeutic culture; and applying the concepts in different settings, including residential care, in leading the therapeutic community, and in fostering and post-adoption, as well as the impact of early childhood traumas on the development of the adolescent.
How desperate she must be not to reveal herself to get the help and support she must urgently need - a medical and emotional need because she has given birth, because she is grieving but also because she must be so scared of any consequences.
As Samaritans we have the skills to listen and we'll give time and space to those in emotional need.
EVEN SHREWD, CALM Warren Buffet can be trapped by his emotional need to buy only bargain stocks.
WELFARE reform is needed to tackle Britain's "brittle society" and address growing emotional need, a report said today.
Love and affection come paired as an emotional need.
We need surveillance mechanisms and rational calculation to cooperate, but also some instinctive emotional need to respond cooperatively to others who are cooperative.
The religious impulse reflects a profound psychological and emotional need.
Or is it the case, as some are now claiming, that the emotional need for the illusion of absolute truth--and an absolute good beyond any origin or test in human experience--is so deeply embedded within the human psyche that we couldn't shed it even if we wanted to?
There is an exploding silver boomer target market, a clearly defined financial and emotional need on the part of the customer, and terrific leading-edge products.
PETER: I think there's an emotional need to have storage--to have backups done that go to tape.
Due to this grant, Nova Center for Youth and Family - the child and adolescent division of the Mental Health Center of Madison County will be capable of exploring its School Based Mental Health Program into two previously unserved schools this year, to potentially reach 50 additional students who demonstrate a social or emotional need.