emotional body

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emotional body,

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For artist Anna Lewis the feather is a symbolic material which she uses in her work to create emotional body pieces which, like those of a bird, are used to wrap around and embrace the body like a security blanket.
In a way, ``Collected Stories'' sandbags the audience, drawing us in with an intimate character study, then delivering an emotional body blow.
Remaining faithful to the Sway Concept unveiled at the 2015 Geneva Motor Show, the Micra Gen5 fully embodies Nissan's latest design language with signature design cues and emotional body sculpting.
Five Point Touch Therapy: Acupressure for the Emotional Body by Pierre-Noel Delatte
The magic of manual muscle testing lies in its ability to reveal the unique interplay between physical and emotional body functions and to locate the source of dysfunction that is unique to each individual.
The natural reaction after emotional body blows like this results like this is to demand sweeping and ruthless change among the leadership.
Marsan is menacing in every single frame but it's Colman, best known as a comic actress, who delivers the emotional body blows.
I excavated my emotional body, unearthing the deep doubt, grief, and anger that proved the invisible backdrop for my deeply conditioned know-it-all persona from college.
Permanently release trapped physical & emotional body energy.
We need to call upon all our reserves to support our physical, mental and emotional body.