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Pertaining to or characterized by emmetropia.


Pertaining to or characterized by emmetropia.


(ĕm′ĕ-trōp) [Gr. emmetros, in measure, + opsis, sight]
One endowed with normal vision.
emmetropic (-trŏp′ĭk), adjective
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Normal, non-pathological emmetropic eyes are the most common type amongst the population (43.
This study demonstrates that the Flexivue Microlens([R]) provides a clinically useful and very satisfactory treatment for emmetropic presbyopia," said Dr.
35) Instead of these children outgrowing their ametropia and becoming more emmetropic over time, their refractive errors are often maintained or increase with age.
Pocket Emmetropic Kamra implantation (PEK) is the procedure used to treat naturally occurring presbyopia in emmetropic patients.
If we are to tackle this tsunami of sight loss as a country then High Street opticians must play a vital role in screening emmetropic patients and older patients who make do with ready readers.
In order to test the validity of the RWOG hypothesis, the authors carried out a study that objectively measured changes in accommodation and near unaided visual acuity (VA) in emmetropic presbyopes using the RWOG programme.
In fact, as can be seen from Figure 2, (and as optometrists are aware from clinical experience), very few eyes in childhood or adulthood are truly emmetropic, ie, have zero refractive error.
What emmetropic patients often fail to understand is that the reading addition is a 'short focus' lens, which means that their distance vision is less clear when using it.
Food and Drug Administration's (FDA) Ophthalmic Devices Panel voted unanimously (11-0) late Friday to recommend approval of the Viewpoint(TM) CK System, used to perform the CK(R) (Conductive Keratoplasty(R)) procedure for the improvement of near vision in emmetropic presbyopes (those who require only reading glasses) and hyperopic presbyopes (those who require reading and distance glasses).