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Pertaining to or characterized by emmetropia.


Pertaining to or characterized by emmetropia.


(ĕm′ĕ-trōp) [Gr. emmetros, in measure, + opsis, sight]
One endowed with normal vision.
emmetropic (-trŏp′ĭk), adjective
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We know very little about emmetropic eyes even though they should be used for comparisons with myopic and hypermetropic eyes," said Juan Alberto Sanchis-Gimeno, researcher at the University of Valencia and lead author of the study explains to SINC.
Table 1 Average annual AL progression for emmetropic children Age (years) AL growth rate (mm/year) Six to nine 0.
Discussion: Keratoconic eyes have on average longer axial lengths and posterior segment lengths than emmetropic eyes.
Study Methods: Emmetropic and myopic individuals who attend the Ophthalmology OPD at Vydehi Medical Sciences and Research Centre will be asked for participating in the study.
Ocular components measured by Keratometry, Phakometry and Ultrasonography in emmetropic and myopic optometry students.
The accident resulted in corneal scarring and a traumatic cataract and following surgery the eye is now aphakic; his right eye is emmetropic.
MATERIALS AND METHODS: This study was conducted among emmetropic patients presenting with eyestrain, 10 to 18 years old, in the eye O.
However, there are a growing number of emmetropic presbyopes who are reluctant to wear glasses and through higher prevalence of dry eye are less suitable to traditional contact lenses; these are the perfect patients to be considering OK as a vision correction solution and coincidently also in the power range that we have shown hyperopic OK is capable of reliably achieving.
All headache patients in this study are emmetropic persons i.
Myopes tend to show more enhanced accommodative convergence (esophoria and elevated AC/ A ratios), along with insufficient accommodative responses (accommodative lag) compared to their emmetropic counterparts.