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1. affording an outlet, as an emissary vein (see anatomic Table of Veins in the Appendices).
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1. Relating to, or providing, an outlet or drain.
2. Synonym(s): emissary vein
[see emissarium]
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(1) Any outlet or drain.
(2) Emmisary vein; vena emissaria [NA6].
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1. Relating to, or providing, an outlet or drain.
2. Synonym(s): emissary vein.
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Cabanac and Brinnel placed the tips of ultrasonic probes on the heads of bald male volunteers at sites where emissary veins poke thorugh their tiny cranial conduits.
And we trust him and the MILF has confidence in him,' Santiago said, adding that the emissary was jointly selected by the implementing panels.
Hermoso said the government's emissary negotiated directly with Abduallah Maute, one of the leaders of the armed men.
The first attempt was days before President Duterte visited late last November government troops who had overrun the Maute group's lairs in several villages in Butig town, the emissary said.
Two former immigration officials who received millions in cash from an emissary of Chinese gambling tycoon Jack Lam knew that they committed a corrupt act, but chose to lie about it to salvage their reputations, Sen.
ZAMBOANGA CITY -- Abu Sayyaf kidnappers have suspended the execution of their hostage, Norwegian Kjartan Sekkingstad, after an emissary of Presidential Peace Adviser Jesus Dureza called them to negotiate for his release, according to a well-placed source.
The family of Rodolfo Boligao, who had been beheaded by Abu Sayyaf after weeks of captivity following his kidnapping in May, had already raised P500,000 in ransom and entrusted the money to an emissary, who has not been identified.
Another emissary, a certain Jojo Desiderio, met with Abalos asking for P15million so he can be out on bail.
MANILA -- The spokesman of the Moro National Liberation Front said Friday that Senator Antonio Trillanes IV would be most welcome to their group as a government emissary to end the Zamboanga siege.