median eminence

(redirected from eminentia mediana)

me·di·an em·i·nence

the slightly prominent lower segment of the infundibulum of the hypothalamus, immediately proximal to the hypophysial stalk; the region is characterized by the capillary tufts of the infundibular arteries, from which the hypothalamohypophysial portal system of veins arises.
Synonym(s): eminentia mediana

median eminence

The anterior bodies of the medulla oblongata separated by the anterior median fissure.
See also: eminence


1. situated in the median plane or in the midline of a body or structure.
2. the perpendicular line that divides the area of a frequency curve into two equal halves.

median calving date
the number of days between the first calving in the herd and the 50th percentile calving; an excellent measure of fertility status of seasonally calving herds; in dairy herds the target is 18 days.
median eminence
part of the hypophysis.
median nerve
see Table 14.
median nerve block
the anesthetic agent is injected on the medial aspect of the forelimb, just distal to the elbow. An area encircling most of the fetlock and pastern is desensitized.
median nerve injury
results in overextension and dropping of the carpus.