Operative removal of the anterior articular surface of the glenoid fossa.
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Chronic long standing TMJ dislocation in 10 patients were managed by eminectomy in 7 patients and condylectomy in 3 patients.
chronic long standing dislocation was managed surgically by either eminectomy or condylelectomy.
When ZACDs have been demonstrated preoperatively on a radiograph, these may become contraindication to performing surgical procedures such as eminoplasty or eminectomy for the treatment of mandibular dislocations as they can become potential pathways for intracranial infections.
Inadvertent violation of an air cell during eminectomy, producing communication with the infratemporal or middle cranial fossa poses the genuine danger of intracranial infection and/or hemorrhage.
She was previ- ously operated for dislocation and eminectomy was done in this patient which was not successful.
Key words: Temporomandibular joint, disorders, conservative management, arthroscopy, arthrocentesis, surgical repositioning, dautery procedure, eminectomy
Surgical techniques used for the chronic dislocation includes partial or complete myotomy, capsular plication (Mayer, 1933) sacrification of the temporalis tendon (Mawan/McKean, 1973), open condylotomy (James, 1971), insertion of implants into the articular eminence (Findlay, 1964; Cardoso et al., 2005), down-fracturing of the zygomatic arches (Girard, 1943), augmentation of the eminence by allografts (Keith, 1988; Whear et al., 1991) and eminectomy (Myrhaug, 1951; Undt et al., 1997).