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Alan E. H., 20th-century British physician. See: Emery-Dreifuss muscular dystrophy.


An abrasive containing aluminum oxide and iron.
[O.Fr. emeri, fr. L.L. smericulum, fr. G. smiris]
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An abrasive containing aluminum oxide and iron.
[O.Fr. emeri, fr. L.L. smericulum, fr. G. smiris]
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To do this, soak the wart in warm water and then sand it with an emery board. Afterwards, apply duct tape to the area.
Gina tried putting emery boards flat on the floor, and then at various angles to try to elicit even a tiny scraping motion.
To light the cigarette/cigar, the handbrake would be applied on the car so as to allow pressure to be brought to bear on the emery board as one hand would hold the cigarette or cigar and the other, the light.
Advise parents who are afraid to use clippers on the nails of tiny fingers and toes to use an emery board, but not to bite, she suggested at the annual meeting of the American Academy of Pediatrics.
The protocol involved shaving the wart with a scalpel, applying the pad for a week, then debriding it lightly with an emery board and reapplying the pad for I additional week.
"They shouldn't clip their toe-nails, but use an emery board every day or every other day to keep their nails the same length."
* Keep an emery board available to help you file away the snags before you are tempted to chew them off.
Researchers instructed the patients to apply duct tape to the affected area for six days, remove the tape, soak the area in water, rub the wart with an emery board or pumice stone, and apply new tape after 12 hours.
Then they (or their parents) removed the tape, soaked the area in water and used an emery board or pumice stone to scrape the spot.
* Each week or when needed, cut your toenails to the shape of your toes and file the edges with an emery board.
File in one direction only otherwise you can weaken the nail, and stick to an emery board, as metal files can be too rough.