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(50) In addition to the article, "Creation Belief," by Klapwijk in Philosophia Reformata 76 (2011), there are seven detailed responses to Klapwijk's book, Purpose in the Living World?: John Satherley, "Emergence in the Inorganic World," 32-49; Henk Geertsema, "Emergent Evolution? Klapwijk and Dooyeweerd," 50-76; Russ Wolfinger, "Whence the Question Mark?," 77-83; Bruce Wearne, "Some Contextual Reflections on 'Purpose in the Living World?,'" 84-102; Gerben Groenewoud, "Augustine and Emergent Evolution," 103-18; Chris Gousmett, "Emergent Evolution, Augustine, Intelligent Design, and Miracles," 119-37; Harry Cook, "Creation and Becoming in Jacob Klapwijk's Theory of Emergence," 138-52.
(5) Jacob Klapwijk, Purpose in the Living World?: Creation and Emergent Evolution, trans.
In the system's emergent evolution, neither upward or downward causation nor the interaction between them can be simple, linear causation.
As a result of his encounter with "biological philosophy" he is now an emissary of the new gospel of "emergent evolution" (90).