emergency room

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a place in a building enclosed and set apart for occupancy or for the performance of certain procedures.
birthing room a hospital room that is utilized for labor and delivery. It is decorated in a homelike, comfortable fashion and contains a specially equipped bed that can be adjusted for delivery. Specialized equipment is often concealed.
emergency room popular term for emergency department.
labor, delivery, recovery room a birthing room or suite so equipped that a patient can remain in the same room throughout the birthing experience.
labor, delivery, recovery, postpartum room a birthing room or suite so equipped that a patient can remain in the same room throughout the birthing experience and into the postpartum period.
operating room one especially equipped for the performance of surgical operations.

emergency room

n. Abbr. ER
The section of a health care facility for providing rapid treatment to victims of sudden illness or trauma.

emergency room (ER, E.R.)

obsolete. See emergency department.

e·mer·gen·cy de·part·ment

(ē-mĕr'jĕn'sē dĕ-pahrt'mĕnt)
That section of a hospital or other health care facility that is designed, staffed, and equipped to treat injured people and those afflicted with sudden, severe illness.
Synonym(s): emergency room.
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and colleagues talk about provider location data concerns in a new research paper on the effects of retail health care clinics on people's use of nearby emergency rooms.
Susan Reynolds, MD, PhD, admits to initially having no formal business plan for the Malibu Emergency Room she built in the 1980s.
In any county with fewer than 20,000 people, it's difficult to support an emergency room without a subsidy, Gentry said.
Both of these patients had a severe degree of stridor, tachypnea, tachycardia, and upright posture, and both had come to the emergency room within 24 hours of the onset of these symptoms.
Fifteen minutes is nothing in the big scheme of things," Rao says, noting that many potential appendectomy patients wait for hours in emergency rooms.
Under the joint venture, Adeptus Healths 31 freestanding First Choice Emergency Rooms in North Texas will today begin the process of being rebranded as Texas Health Emergency Room locations, and Adeptus First Texas Hospital in Carrollton will become Texas Health Hospital.
NACo said it "contacted county public hospital or regional hospital emergency rooms in 48 states" and got 200 responses from E.
The physician time factor is not trivial and it will be a hard sell to all but the real visionaries in the medical trenches of the emergency room and office practices.
In general, emergency room personnel are helpful to callers asking about emergency contraception, but about one in 10 are evasive, suspicious or hostile.

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