emergency nurse practitioner

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e·mer·gen·cy nurse prac·ti·tion·er

(ENP) (ē-mĕr'jĕn-sē nŭrs prak-tish'ŏn-ĕr)
Nurse practicing in an emergency department who is specifically trained to deal with minor injuries without the need for supervision by a physician.
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Wayne Parsons is one of two emergency nurse practitioners in the triage, which is also manned by medical assistants and a police officer who deals with any violent disturbances.
THREE newly qualified emergency nurse practitioners have taken up their posts at a North Wales hospital.
Sara, who works as an emergency nurse practitioner at the newly-opened Ysbyty Ystrad Fawr, in Ystrad Mynach, has applied to become a Games Maker at the Olympics.
The changes will not affect other services at the hospital, including the 24-hour emergency nurse practitioner minor injury unit, the midwife-led birthing centre, care of the elderly beds, the day hospital and outpatient services.
Clare Blackhall, emergency nurse practitioner, said: "The charity is one that many of our nursing team support.
My aim had been to gain clinical experience in advanced trauma care and to observe the role of the emergency nurse practitioner (ENP) at the North Bristol National Health Service (NHS) hospitals of Frenchay and Southmead.
The emergency nurse practitioner (ENP) forum provided a healthy debate on the prospects, possibilities and pitfalls of the ENP.
Buddhist Suzanne moved back to Cardiff from New York three years ago when she landed the plum role of emergency nurse practitioner Tess Bateman (corr) in Casualty, which is filmed in Bristol.
Up to two doctors, an emergency nurse practitioner, one other nurse, a paramedic who will also be a clinical operations officer, and St John Ambulance first-aiders will be at the stadium.

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