emergency nurse practitioner

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e·mer·gen·cy nurse prac·ti·tion·er

(ENP) (ē-mĕr'jĕn-sē nŭrs prak-tish'ŏn-ĕr)
Nurse practicing in an emergency department who is specifically trained to deal with minor injuries without the need for supervision by a physician.
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Comer is the Founder and Director of the State of Mississippi's first Emergency Nurse Practitioner Fellowship.
One of the biggest changes has seen senior nursing staff trained to become emergency nurse practitioners. The role gives nurses more authority to see, treat and discharge patients with minor injuries to help free up doctors for more serious cases.
Emergency Nurse Practitioners in Scotland: A Study of Growing Services in Accident and Emergency Settings.
Melissa King is a Certified Family and Emergency Nurse Practitioner with more than 20 years of experience in emergency care across the nation including involvement in several disaster responses.
He is married to Jo, an emergency nurse practitioner, and they have two grown-up children.
The other candidates were Tauranga-based former NZNO president Marion Guy (1591), Auckland emergency nurse practitioner Michael Geraghty (1408) and Middlemore Hospital surgical nurse Shannon Lake (825).
Emergency nurse practitioner at the hospital, Sarah Gaze, had to overcome her own squeamishness while she evicted Victoria's unwanted wriggling tenant using forceps.
Evaluating emergency nurse practitioner services: A randomized controlled trial.
The 17 students, who are studying for a foundation award in caring for children, visited the unit to present the money to paediatric emergency nurse practitioner, Susan Crossman.
Badge His nursing qualification would have been enough to land the post of emergency nurse practitioner at the St Mary's NHS centre in Portsmouth.
The ward is normally staffed by an emergency nurse practitioner backed up by doctors and nurses from the wards at Penrhos Stanley.
The scheme involves patients with minor ailments being assessed and treated by a doctor and emergency nurse practitioner specially reserved to deal with such injuries.

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