emergency medical services

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e·mer·gen·cy med·i·cal ser·vic·es

(EMS) (ē-mĕr'jĕn-sē med'i-kăl sĕr'vis-ĕz)
An agency that provides prehospital care and transport to the sick and wounded.
Synonym(s): ambulance service, emergency medical service system.
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1) Boxes of drugs emergency medical services (1 Unit)
Private equity companies Bain Capital and Clayton Dubilier & Rice are still bidding in the auction for US Emergency Medical Services (NYSE:EMS), Reuters reported, quoting a source in the know.
3 December 2010 - US-based provider of emergency medical services Emergency Medical Services Corporation (NYSE: EMS) announced yesterday that an affiliate of its EmCare segment has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire Milford Anesthesia Associates, an anesthesia provider based in Milford, Connecticut.
Now insurers are adding personal security, travel security, emergency medical services, personal staff risk management, and collections-management services to their personal loss control capabilities.
The SARS outbreak strained Toronto Emergency Medical Services (EMS), which worked 40 stations evenly divided among the city's four quadrants.
During the past four years, Massachusetts residents James Ahern and nephew John "Jack" Ahern have served with the Paramedic 3 unit of Boston Emergency Medical Services.
They would then contact the Maryland Emergency Management Agency, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Maryland Institute for Emergency Medical Services System, and other appropriate agencies.

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