emergency medical dispatcher

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emergency medical dispatcher (EMD),

A telecommunicator with training in medical care who is allowed to use predetermined medical protocols to both dispatch correct resources to an emergency scene and to give instructions to victims and bystanders before arrival of first responders.
See also: dispatch life support.
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Accuracy of emergency medical dispatchers' subjective ability to identify when higher dispatch levels are warranted over a Medical Priority Dispatch System automated protocol's recommended coding based on paramedic outcome data.
Even with more emergency medical dispatchers being trained every week, for what is often a high-pressure and intense vocation, it is estimated that the acknowledgement message will come into play, between 15 and 20 times per day.
David Lyden, national control manager, said: 'Whether our emergency medical dispatchers have just finished training or are experienced, these situations are nerve-wracking and they did exceptionally well.'
The post reads: "Can you imagine working a 12-hour shift like Emergency Medical Dispatcher Daniel, taking at least 50 calls and this being one of them?
Northern Ireland Ambulance Service emergency medical dispatcher Michael Dalton said: "We had someone ring up because he had a bad dream and was too scared to be alone.
Emma Thompson found out more What does a career as an emergency medical dispatcher involve?
Emergency medical dispatcher Ken Midgley was humble in receipt of such praise.
Kelsey Morgan, who is a emergency medical dispatcher at Cheshire and Merseyside emergency control, took the 999 call.
The Garrads delivered their second son in the bedroom of their Lock Grove home, thanks to instructions from Emergency Medical Dispatcher Ken Midgley.

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