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Working with rotating shift patterns, around-the-clock, seven days a week, the aim is to have at least nine operators - or emergency medical dispatchers - in place at any one time.
David Lyden, national control manager, said: 'Whether our emergency medical dispatchers have just finished training or are experienced, these situations are nerve-wracking and they did exceptionally well.
Emergency medical dispatcher Ken Midgley talked the couple through the birth.
Emma Thompson found out more What does a career as an emergency medical dispatcher involve?
With no time to wait for the ambulance, husband Ricky, 40, had to take charge himself, guided by instructions from emergency medical dispatcher Ken Midgley, 32.
QAS Commissioner Russell Bowles said the program recruited indigenous community members into formal education and paved the way for them to either become qualified paramedics or to pursue other QAS roles, such as Emergency Medical Dispatcher or Patient Transport Officer.
Kelsey Morgan, who is a emergency medical dispatcher at Cheshire and Merseyside emergency control, took the 999 call.
The Garrads delivered their second son in the bedroom of their Lock Grove home, thanks to instructions from Emergency Medical Dispatcher Ken Midgley.
For the month of October, residents will see many Toronto Paramedic Services paramedics, emergency medical dispatcher and operations support employees wearing pink slip-on epaulettes.
You'll see some of the emergency medical dispatchers from the South Western Ambulance Service on the new series of Channel 4's 999: What's Your Emergency?
Dondu Tulum suffered a heart attack and died in Oslo earlier this month after emergency medical dispatchers called police because her son-in-law yelled at them when no ambulance was sent to the scene.

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