emergency department

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an unlooked for or sudden occurrence, often dangerous, such as an accident or an urgent or pressing need.
emergency department an area of a hospital especially equipped and staffed for emergency care. Popularly called emergency room.
emergency medical technician (EMT) a provider of emergency care (health care at the basic life support level); this may include spinal immobilization, administration of oxygen, and control of bleeding. In some states there are modular training programs where an EMT can add skills to the basic level.
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e·mer·gen·cy de·part·ment

(ē-mĕr'jĕn'sē dĕ-pahrt'mĕnt)
That section of a hospital or other health care facility that is designed, staffed, and equipped to treat injured people and those afflicted with sudden, severe illness.
Synonym(s): emergency room.
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Emergency Department



The unit of a hospital in which acute, severe, or urgent illnesses and/or injuries are treated.
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Only once they are stable can they be officially moved out of the emergency department and on to another department within the hospital, or transferred to another facility."
A recent analysis using data from retail clinics and urgent care centers estimate that 13.7% percent of all emergency department visits could take place at one of these alternative sites.
Our recent study found that emergency department use didn't decrease for patients who joined the new practice models.
Aftab Ahmad, a patient at PIMS emergency department said, "I received injuries in a road accident and a mobile rescue team brought me to the hospital."
The closure of emergency departments are hot political topics, sparking much debate among local communities - but there has been little research into the actual impact of closing the doors of an A&E unit.
Dr Magdi Mohammed, consultant - emergency medicine, Burjeel Hospital, also welcomed the new emergency department requirements.
"We launched the Paediatric Emergency Department to ease babies with critical cases.
Visits to the hospital's emergency departments grew to 78,912 in 2017 from 58,500 in 2009.
'Usually, doctors suggest a head injury patient to undergo CT scan but the staff would either demand fee for the scan and other radiological tests or would say that the prescription should be signed by the head of the emergency department. As a result, people preferred paying fee as it would become difficult to get the slip signed by in-charge of the emergency department,' he said.
Violence-related emergency department attendance was most frequent on Saturdays and Sundays and during the summer months, with a peak in July.
"It is during these moments that you can make the greatest impact with compassion, understanding and an incredible skill set," said Berry, who serves as emergency department nurse manager and trauma program manager.

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