emergency contraceptive

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morn·ing af·ter pill

(mōr'ning af'tĕr pil)
An oral medication, consisting of two pills taken 12 hours apart that, when taken by a woman within 2-3 days after intercourse, reduces the probability that she will become pregnant.
Synonym(s): emergency contraceptive, emergency hormonal contraception, postcoital contraception.
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EMERGENCY contraceptives were given out 8,400 times in Greater Manchester last year - a rise of 1,000 on the year before.
Women in Korea, which claims to be advanced in all other aspects otherwise, are denied easy access to emergency contraceptive pills.
A thorough literature review was conducted to describe in detail the mechanism of action, efficacy, pharmacokinetics, safety profile, and drug interactions of hormonal emergency contraceptive pills.
1 OB/GYN recommended O-T-C emergency contraceptive brand and an important birth control option for women across the U.S., Plan B One-Step is the perfect addition to our growing portfolio, " stated Bradley.
This study was conducted in order to recommend health education themes that should be included in the programme for educating the youth about emergency contraceptive use in the Capricorn District, Limpopo Province, SA.
Similarly, research on whether advance provision of emergency contraceptive pills will increase repeat or routine use of the method has been inconclusive.
The real moral question for Boots, Labour women MPs and the abortionist organisation British Pregnancy Advisory Service (BPAS) who have a clinic in Cardiff, is that this so called emergency contraceptive in fact can act as an abortifacient if conception has already taken place.
The MHRA said that women taking medicines for epilepsy, tuberculosis, HIV and fungal infections may need to take a double dose of the emergency contraceptive for it to be effective.
The young Dingle goes to bed feeling sick and her mum Lisa finds her emergency contraceptive and hits the roof.
Although the hormonal emergency contraceptive pills have been technically available since 1960 through off-label use of OC pills, they still remain a relatively unknown and underused method.
[] Identify several pharmacies in your local area that stock the dedicated LNG emergency contraceptive and routinely have this product in stock.
The emergency contraceptive Plan B was approved by the U.S.

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