emergency cardiac care

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emergency cardiac care (ECC)

Etymology: L, emergeere, to come forth; Gk, kardia + ME, caru, sorrow
the concentration of personnel and facilities organized to sustain the cardiovascular and pulmonary systems when a myocardial infarction or cardiac arrest occurs. The interventions assure prompt availability of basic life support, monitoring and treatment facilities, prevention of complications, and psychological reassurance. If cardiac arrest occurs outside a hospital, efforts are devoted to stabilizing the patient's cardiovascular and pulmonary systems before removing the individual to a hospital.

emergency cardiac care

Abbreviation: ECC
The basic and advanced life support assessment and treatment necessary to manage sudden and often life-threatening events affecting cardiovascular and pulmonary systems. ECC includes identifying the nature of the problem, monitoring the patient closely, providing basic and advanced life support as quickly as possible, preventing complications, reassuring the patient, and transporting the patient to the most appropriate facility for definitive cardiac care.
See: advanced cardiac life support; basic life support; cardiopulmonary resuscitation
See also: care
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The Philips family of resuscitation products reflects the principles and intent of the newly unveiled American Heart Association (AHA) Guidelines 2010 for Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) and Emergency Cardiac Care, as well as the new European Resuscitation Council (ERC) Guidelines for Resuscitation 2010.
This accreditation is given only to facilities that have demonstrated their expertise and commitment in providing patients with consistent, quality emergency cardiac care based on national guidelines established by cardiovascular and emergency medicine leaders.
The impedance threshold device received a Class IIa rating by the AHA in its 2005 Emergency Cardiac Care Guidelines.
Patients will also have direct and seamless access to other programs at Abbott Northwestern's Heart Hospital in Minneapolis, including emergency cardiac care, preventive care and cutting-edge research and technologies.
E[acute accent]Medtronic is a total solution provider and offers a full range of services and complementary products that form an emergency cardiac care system including data management software, 24/7 technical service, training, medical assistance, leasing programs and indemnification.

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